What We Are About

The Gering Public Library can do more than you think


The Gering Public Library Foundation, Inc., is organized as a not for profit organization to develop enduring sources of capital for strategic projects and support through conceptual ideas and partnerships that enhance and advance literacy, lifelong learning and community activity.


Building a Destination for Generations

Core Values

Community: We value our area’s legacy and strive to collaborate to create and maintain an inclusive environment through Universal Design of facilities and programming to serve all generations

Inspiration: We aspire to be bold in embracing innovations in the ways libraries can serve communities, while maintaining the foundational richness of our Western Nebraska culture and heritage that can be preserved and shared through the library.

Accountability: We commit to act with integrity, fairness, honesty, and compassion in our service to the community and to be answerable for our stewardship of funds and the future.


a destination for generations

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